Top 5 Tips For Maximizing The Value Of Your Car When Selling It

There are very many people looking to get rid of their cars at a particular time in their lives, but they end up getting a sore deal. Cars depreciate in value with time because they wear and tear with continued use. Wear and tear on vehicles will make the paint of the car fade, the interior to become old and torn, the engine to become less efficient and effective, the tires wear out and the exterior to scratch. All these factors will cause the value of your car to go down, so if you plan on selling your car at the best price you will need to go through this simple checklist for anyone wanting to sell a car. So how do you make sure that you have the edge when you do the car valuation before selling your car in U.K? If you are thinking of selling your car, you may want to search for car selling companies that are listed on LinkedIn – for instance, we found this one for you – Car 4 Cash – LinkedIn

Make Minor Repairs – you can have the car repaired so that it looks the best. If the car has scratches on the surface, have them repaired. If there are dents on the car due to any reason have the dents beat so that the exterior looks as smooth as it should be. The bumper should be properly fitting on the body of the car so that it does not seem to be sagging or falling off. This makes the car look so dilapidated and like it is falling apart even when it is in good condition, therefore always have the bumper in place. The grills and the alloy wheels should also be in top condition. All these will make the exterior of the car look top notch and new.

Check The Car Essentials – selling your car at the best price will mean that you go through a number of items on your car that can reduce the valuation: such as; have the oil, coolants, brake fluids and the tire pressure checked. This will make sure that if the car is taken on a test drive the buyer will have a good experience of the vehicle. Make sure also that the lamps of the vehicles are working. This is both on the exterior and the interior. Check the dashboard lights are working and also the door and roof lights. On the exterior check the headlamps, fog lights, indicators, brake lights and neon daylight lamps to make sure they are in top notch condition.

Make Sure That The Engine Is Working Properly – check the engine and other car parts to make sure that they operate properly and efficiently. The engine is the most important part of the car and most buyers will want the engine to be in the best condition possible.

Have The Car Valeted – cleaning the car will bring out the appeal of the vehicle. Have it thoroughly cleaned both outside and inside. Have the mats and the clothes in the car cleaned thoroughly and the seats vacuumed? You can also have an air freshener on the dashboard to make the car smell fresh and clean. Have the outside cleaned also so that there are not dirt, mud or other particles on the car, both on the top and bottom. Have the tires washed too so that they appear black and well taken care of. This will surely help to increase the value and also give the buyer confidence about the seller.

Checking Engine Oil

Check The Tires – make sure that the tires of the car are in good condition. This is by checking that the threads are not finished and also that the tires have the correct tire pressure and are clean. Dirty tires might give the impression that the car was only being used off road or in other hard conditions.

Make sure also that you have the car service records so that the buyer will make sure that you have been taking proper care of your vehicle. You will be able to search for car buyers by using Yell or Yelp, who list all local companies in your area that buy second-hand cars. Here is an example of a company that is listing in Yelp and are car buyers – Yelp.


Among the five common senses, the sense of touch is the most important sense to a human being. As compared to the other senses, this sense is the most sensitive because it is connected to the tiny nerve endings in the skin region called the dermis.

Did You Know?

The basic fact about this type of common sense is that, every year, we lose approximately 1% of our tactile sense therefore, as years go by, the sense continues to reduce. This therefore means that when you become too old, you might end up losing your sense of touch.

Why Should You Have It?

Some of the reasons as to why we have this sense include: it acts as interface between our bodies and the outside world hence bringing us sensual pleasure. This in turn enables us to interpret what is going on in the surrounding environment and adapt to it. The sense is also used to collect the information from our environment as a means of establishing the social bond with the people around us.

Related Books

Many great Authors have found this sense amusing and interesting and as a result of this, they have decided to carry out a research on it and have written more about it. Dr. David Linden has written an interesting book called Touch and Professor Ron Parsons has also written one called The Sense of Touch Paperback. Nonetheless, Mark Paters has written his own and has named it-The Senses of Touch: Haptic, Affect and Technologies. All the authors argue that our body’s genes and cells play a chief role in the sense of touch.

Advantages of the Sense Some of the immense advantages of this Sense include: a. It is useful in the early development of an infant. A small child will only familiarize with the place it stays by touching the things around it. This helps in the development of the child’s nervous system.

  1. Touch is also a vital issue in the relationships between you and your loved one. In social situations, a friendly touch communicates a lot. This can be things like greetings, caresses and hugs. When the recipient experiences this touch, the C-fibers of the body convey this information to the brain hence making signals to the posterior insula and therefore producing a pleasant sensation.
  2. Touch increases our visual memory. Touching something or someone will help you remember the features of the thing even if you stay for a long period of time without seeing it. This is helpful in learning.

In conclusion, the sense plays an important role in the life of a human being. With it, you will be able to live a knowledgeable life knowing all the things that are going on in your life.

How Feeling works

Although feelings are important to each one of us, only few take the time to understand their feelings and the ways they function on a deeper level. Feelings are a crucial part for any person’s well-being and they influence the entire life experience, so it is very important to have a basic understanding of how feeling works. There are many questions we need to ask ourselves: How feeling works? How should we deal with it? How can we control negative feelings and emotions — or should we control them at all? The answers to these questions are quite simple, if you approach the matter from the right perspective.

We Feel What We Think The most common misinterpretation of feelings is the one saying that feelings come from the outside, and that someone or something makes us feel something with their acts. The truth is we don’t need something external to happen for us to feel good or bad. It is our perspective that makes us feel, not the events themselves. We never feel anything just because something external happened. We develop feelings because we think something about the event. We quite literally feel our thinking.

If our feelings were really created by external events, we would always have the same feeling in case of some repeating event. For example, let’s say our partner gives us a nice present. Do we always feel grateful and loved, or do we sometimes feel suspicious about our partner’s intentions, due to various circumstances? The difference in our reaction to the same event lays solely in our way of thinking about the event, and that is how feeling works.

Choose What You Think We learn to choose specific thoughts over others during our lifetime. The more we choose what to think, the more the thought we have chosen reinforces. The thinking routine works quite simply. Thoughts we have previously thought form a path in our brain, and it just follows that same path each next time This happens because thinking brand new thoughts is hard work and very tiresome for our brain, so it automatically chooses the path it had already created.

Understanding How Feeling Works Emotion always follows thought. The second we think of something, an electrical impulse is created in our brain. This impulse makes our brain produce a neurotransmitter, which spreads through our entire body, and makes us feel something. The intensity of an emotion depends on the type or transmitters we let circulate through our body.