Among the five common senses, the sense of touch is the most important sense to a human being. As compared to the other senses, this sense is the most sensitive because it is connected to the tiny nerve endings in the skin region called the dermis.

Did You Know?

The basic fact about this type of common sense is that, every year, we lose approximately 1% of our tactile sense therefore, as years go by, the sense continues to reduce. This therefore means that when you become too old, you might end up losing your sense of touch.

Why Should You Have It?

Some of the reasons as to why we have this sense include: it acts as interface between our bodies and the outside world hence bringing us sensual pleasure. This in turn enables us to interpret what is going on in the surrounding environment and adapt to it. The sense is also used to collect the information from our environment as a means of establishing the social bond with the people around us.

Related Books

Many great Authors have found this sense amusing and interesting and as a result of this, they have decided to carry out a research on it and have written more about it. Dr. David Linden has written an interesting book called Touch and Professor Ron Parsons has also written one called The Sense of Touch Paperback. Nonetheless, Mark Paters has written his own and has named it-The Senses of Touch: Haptic, Affect and Technologies. All the authors argue that our body’s genes and cells play a chief role in the sense of touch.

Advantages of the Sense Some of the immense advantages of this Sense include: a. It is useful in the early development of an infant. A small child will only familiarize with the place it stays by touching the things around it. This helps in the development of the child’s nervous system.

  1. Touch is also a vital issue in the relationships between you and your loved one. In social situations, a friendly touch communicates a lot. This can be things like greetings, caresses and hugs. When the recipient experiences this touch, the C-fibers of the body convey this information to the brain hence making signals to the posterior insula and therefore producing a pleasant sensation.
  2. Touch increases our visual memory. Touching something or someone will help you remember the features of the thing even if you stay for a long period of time without seeing it. This is helpful in learning.

In conclusion, the sense plays an important role in the life of a human being. With it, you will be able to live a knowledgeable life knowing all the things that are going on in your life.

How Feeling works

Although feelings are important to each one of us, only few take the time to understand their feelings and the ways they function on a deeper level. Feelings are a crucial part for any person’s well-being and they influence the entire life experience, so it is very important to have a basic understanding of how feeling works. There are many questions we need to ask ourselves: How feeling works? How should we deal with it? How can we control negative feelings and emotions — or should we control them at all? The answers to these questions are quite simple, if you approach the matter from the right perspective.

We Feel What We Think The most common misinterpretation of feelings is the one saying that feelings come from the outside, and that someone or something makes us feel something with their acts. The truth is we don’t need something external to happen for us to feel good or bad. It is our perspective that makes us feel, not the events themselves. We never feel anything just because something external happened. We develop feelings because we think something about the event. We quite literally feel our thinking.

If our feelings were really created by external events, we would always have the same feeling in case of some repeating event. For example, let’s say our partner gives us a nice present. Do we always feel grateful and loved, or do we sometimes feel suspicious about our partner’s intentions, due to various circumstances? The difference in our reaction to the same event lays solely in our way of thinking about the event, and that is how feeling works.

Choose What You Think We learn to choose specific thoughts over others during our lifetime. The more we choose what to think, the more the thought we have chosen reinforces. The thinking routine works quite simply. Thoughts we have previously thought form a path in our brain, and it just follows that same path each next time This happens because thinking brand new thoughts is hard work and very tiresome for our brain, so it automatically chooses the path it had already created.

Understanding How Feeling Works Emotion always follows thought. The second we think of something, an electrical impulse is created in our brain. This impulse makes our brain produce a neurotransmitter, which spreads through our entire body, and makes us feel something. The intensity of an emotion depends on the type or transmitters we let circulate through our body.

How to Choose a Concrete Contractor

The best concrete contractor will help you with your upcoming concrete project. Choosing a contractor is more complicated than just searching the internet. These tips will help you make sure your project is completed on a budget, on time, and with good quality.

Make sure you do your research

Whenever you want to hire a contractor, you should do extensive research first. You can actually do an online search for contractors in your area that fit the needs of your project. To find a concrete contractor in your area, you can refer yourself to your friends and family. You can make the right decision by having a list of options.

Experience matters

It is essential that the contractor you choose has the necessary experience. A company with many years of experience is the best choice. With this, reliability and stability will be guaranteed. It is important to keep in mind that experienced contractors play an important role in the project. They offer suggestions and insights that can benefit you greatly. As an example, you need to go with a contractor who provides you with extra options to improve your project’s appearance.

Make sure you’re covered

During the course of a project, things can go wrong. In the event of such an incident, it is your responsibility not to be held liable. You should verify the insurance coverage of any contractors you hire. Check the dates and amount of insurance coverage before you hire a contractor.

Referrals are required

Request a list of references from the contractor before you sign any contract. In that case, you will want to talk to the references to learn how the company works. Make sure you ask pertinent questions regarding the type of project, contractor’s communication, duration, and opinion of the project. You can use the information you gather to make the right decision.

Prices can be compared

An estimate will be provided by the Concrete Contractor Pittsburgh PA when you meet them. Make sure you use the information you gather from different companies to make the right decision. In addition, be cautious about choosing a contractor based on price alone.

A Guide To Choosing A Construction Company

Approximately 120,0000 new homes are built annually in the United States by thousands of home builders and construction companies, according to figures from the National Association of Home Builders.

In their quest for a trustworthy construction company that can complete their project with minimal hassle at an affordable price, both first-time homeowners and individuals building their homes often face the same challenge.

No matter how large or small your home building project is, selecting a construction company is a very important decision that should be carefully considered.

In general, construction companies provide a one-stop service, which means they oversee your building project from start to finish. All phases of your building project will be handled by them, including obtaining building permits, hiring and supervising subcontractors, working with designers and architects, and scheduling inspections and examinations.

Construction companies aren’t all created equal, so keep this in mind. These tips will help you pick the right construction company:

  1. The construction company should provide you with paperwork and samples of their work as proof of their professionalism. Bills, bids, and contracts must be clear and detailed.
  2. Learn how the construction company handles communication efficiently. Call them and see if they return your calls promptly.

Construction companies or contractors should be readily available when you need them. The use of pagers, radios, home phones, and mobile phones is a good accessibility indicator.

  1. When building or remodeling, find out if you can see the current work in progress. Consult with the homeowner to learn if the service and work of the contractor are to their satisfaction.
  2. Inquire about the number of construction projects similar to yours that they have completed to determine if they are experienced in the field.
  3. Ensure that all employees are covered by workers’ compensation insurance as well as a minimum of 1,000,000.00 dollars in contractors’ general liability insurance.

As homeowners, you must obtain this insurance to protect you from any liability. Examine their insurance certificate.

  1. Ensure your prospective construction company is able to handle and complete the project. Still, having a great deal of work is an indication of success. Ensure that they have the time to work on your project and are not overbooked.
  2. Make sure that you are clear about your expectations and that you are honest about your budget when you choose a construction company. It is important to communicate constantly. Meetings should be scheduled in advance.
  3. Decide what you want, then put it in writing. You have to remember that anything that is not clearly defined can always be manipulated and disputed.

Outlining your project in writing allows you to discover any phases you may have missed in addition to having a clear expectation and definition for your construction company to refer to.

  1. Don’t give your contractor a large payment upfront because they will no longer be motivated to finish the project or even begin it. As a rule, you only need to pay 10 percent for a down payment.


  1. Be sure to include all aspects that the building project involves, such as the specifications, quantities, thickness of the materials, costs, as well as the exact date of completion.
  2. Make sure you fully understand all terms of the contract, including warranty and guarantee obligations.
  3. Your construction company should be insured, licensed, bonded and their address and company name should be displayed clearly on your contract.
  4. If for any reason you aren’t sure about anything, have an experienced individual study the contract so that they can give you further guidance.

Through your process of searching and investigating, comparing one element with another, you keep returning to Concrete Contractor Lincoln NE, because all of their information is clear and forthright, their pricing matches your budget and their design plans match what you have told them.

The Care and Maintenance of a Septic System

Maintaining a septic tank is not just for those who live on a farm. You might be surprised to learn how many city dwellers need septic tank maintenance as well. Septic systems are in use across the nation, even among rural residents who typically have no sewer connection.

It’s not hard to maintain your septic system, because even upgraded systems function efficiently when you follow a few basic guidelines. 

Installing properly

Install your septic system properly to avoid problems down the road. You will be asked to conduct a soil and percolation test when you apply for a building permit to verify that your site is suitable for a sewage system.

Your building site will also be inspected by inspectors to ensure that the property meets the requirements for a non-problematic septic system.

Keep it from getting overloaded

Septic tanks and systems can be kept in good shape by performing a few regular maintenance procedures. Make sure the toilet and faucets are not leaking and that any necessary repairs are made. Look for additional leaks by crawling under your house periodically or by checking your basement, if you have one.

Utilize aerators on faucets, flow-reducing showerheads, and reduce the amount of laundry you do by lowering the water level. In addition, you might want to buy energy-efficient appliances. When running your dishwasher, wait until it is full or do a shorter cycle to use less water.

You can reduce the water required to flush the toilet by using a displacer, such as a brick. Alternatively, upgrade the toilet to a modern low-flow model.

Garbage should be disposed of properly

Garbage disposals can double the number of solids added to a septic tank. Do you really need garbage disposal? To scrape plates into a plastic bag, tie it up, and throw it outside is not much more difficult or time-consuming. Replace your disposal with a top-of-the-line unit that grinds food into smaller particles that are easier for your septic system to digest.

Reduce the use of heavy-duty cleaners

When heavy-duty cleaners are used unnecessarily, they kill the beneficial bacteria in a septic tank, so there is less breakdown of solids. It is best to avoid them or use them as little as possible.

Make sure the system is protected

Do not drive over the drain field, build a structure on top of it, cover it in concrete or asphalt, or allow livestock to roam over it. It should be planted with grass. Soil erosion will be minimized.

Keep trees at least 100 feet away from septic systems to prevent root damage. Willows, for example, have very aggressive roots and should be placed even farther from the system.

Liquid waste won’t be neutralized by a soggy drain field either. It’s important to plan landscaping, roof gutters, and foundation drains in such a way that excess water is diverted from the septic field.

Maintain your equipment regularly

Septic Service Tulsa OK is a prime example where the old saying that prevention is better than cure is particularly relevant. Pump your lungs regularly.

There will always be a time when solids must be pumped from the tank. A family of four with a 1,000-gallon septic tank is advised to pump the tank after three to five years of full-time use. Don’t rely solely on the calendar to decide when to pump. Other experts suggest you can wait months between pumping operations.

It’s time to clean when the bottom of the scum begins to collect within three to twelve inches of the outlet. Ensure the situation is checked once a year at the very least.

What to do if there is a problem

Even if you put in diligent care and efforts, your system might still go toes up. It’s pretty hard to ignore the signs. Observe the drain field and keep your nose to the ground. Whenever there is sewage bubbling up, you will definitely smell it. There is no need to be repulsed by all signs of system failure. There may also be something wrong if your grass and weeds are suddenly growing like crazy.

Of course, you’ll know there’s a problem if you experience plumbing backup. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a complete logjam, either. A slowdown in draining and gurgling sounds can be clues, too. Keep accurate records of each time you have your system serviced and when there’s a problem. It will come in very handy the next time you have to call a professional for help.

Never attempt to open a septic tank yourself if this isn’t your area of expertise. It contains dangerous gases and bacteria.


Why You Need Air Conditioning Installed In Gold Coast Properties

You’re probably no stranger to summer heat, but as temperatures start climbing, so does the risk of dehydration and heat stroke. What better way to stay cool than by hiring air conditioning Gold Coast services? Professional companies can help service your air conditioning unit, aid with maintenance or assist you in choosing a brand new system for your household. You may think that some of these things you can do on your own, but dealing with your AC system in any shape or form should always be left up to the experts.

What To Expect From AC Experts

What can air conditioning Gold Coast experts do for you? You will find that companies will:

*Provide top notch services with customer satisfaction in mind. You can rest assured that professionals want to make sure that you’re happy with their services, so they will communicate with you every step of the way.

*Offer great pricing on all air conditioning parts, units, and services because they know how important it is to be competitive. You will usually find that hiring air conditioning experts in your area will save you a great deal of money. For this reason, many homeowners recognize that they don’t need to risk a DIY approach to repair or maintenance.

*Recognize problems or potential issues with your unit in just one glance. You may have just called an air conditioning company for routine maintenance, but a professional company will also let you know if there are to be potential issues expected with your unit down the line. They can help you catch problems before they become irreparable or expensive.

*Honor all warranties and guarantees on the work they provide and the parts they use. Most air conditioning parts and units offer a manufacturer’s warranty, but only if they have been professionally installed and properly used. Apart from the parts or the system, most companies also offer a guarantee on the work they do.

*Provide emergency services in case your system fails during a serious heat wave. You should never under any circumstances try to tide a heat wave over without your AC. Not only are AC companies affordable to hire, but they can service your unit in practically no time at all.

Hiring an air conditioning repair company is a great way to ensure your unit will work for years to come. Should you need installation or maintenance services, the right company can offer help!

Air Conditioning Gold Coast